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Hike First, Then Beer

I am so excited to finally share Hikes & Hops with the world! I’ve had this blog idea in my mind for a while and I’m so relieved to finally see it through. This blog is going to highlight two of my favorite things: craft beer and the great outdoors! For a while now, one of my favorite weekend pastimes has been going hiking and rewarding myself with a nice cold brew at a local brewery. I’ve found that there’s nothing more satisfying than a delicious cold brew after a ramble out in the woods. With this blog, I’m going to share some of my favorite local breweries and hikes combos. Sound like your thing? Fantastic! 

 For a long time, my partner and I have spent our weekends out in the woods and then going to the nearest brewery to relax. We’ve made our way through most of Maryland and have ventured a wee bit into West Virginia, Virginia, and Pennsylvania. We’ve done difficult hikes, nature walks, and urban hikes so you’ll find something here for everyone. A few times a year we also like to do a hiking trip to a new state or national park so stay tuned for that. 

Marker on the Appalachian Trail in Maryland

Hiking is one of my favorite pastimes because it’s free! Sure sometimes you have to pay a fee, but for the most part you can just throw on some shoes and go to the woods. Honestly, my partner and I started hiking because we live in a very expensive area and didn’t have a lot left over for activities. Hiking became our way to get out of the house and explore our area without taking on a big price tag. Of course, we would make the sacrifice for some good beer afterward! We’ve had so much fun finding new breweries and getting to know the people there. I hope that the blog convinces everyone to not only get out in nature but also to support their local breweries! 

In addition to sharing hiking and beer combos, I also want to share tidbits about nature and the beer scene as we go. So expect to find short posts about featured plants or animals, hiking advice, and all things beer! 

A couple disclaimers: My partner and I are definitely not avid hikers. I like to think of ourselves as day-ramblers so most of these hikes will be beginner-friendly with a few exceptions for “big” hikes. In my posts, I’ll give suggestions of easy or more difficult hikes nearby so that people of all levels can enjoy it. I’ll also give you a head’s up if a hike is particularly difficult or has obstacles like rocky paths or stream crossing. And remember, the great outdoors are for people of all shapes, sizes and abilities! Also nothing in this blog is sponsored; I go to breweries because I like them, not because they pay me. And remember all opinions expressed here are my own! 

So put on your hiking boots, grab a growler, and let’s go! 

Blackwater Falls State Park, WV, 2020

“Going to the mountains is going home”

– John Muir